Centre for International Environmental Studies

The Centre is dedicated to the better understanding of the social, economic and political facets of global problems related to the environment.

Established in 2010, the Centre for International Environmental Studies (CIES) is the Graduate Institute's focal point for research on environmental issues. The centre is dedicated to the better understanding of the social, legal, economic and political facets of global problems related to the environment, with an emphasis on the international dimension and the North-South relations. The centre addresses complex problems such as climate change, biodiversity, food security, energy, natural resources and development.

The main activity of the Centre is focused around:

CIES' mission is to conduct high-level academic research to improve the quality of decision making in public and private spheres. This goal is achieved by creating a platform for researchers to conduct interdisciplinary research on the environment, by providing training to PhD students in specialised areas of research and by disseminating research results through outreach activities targeted to academic experts and policymakers.

CIES is part of a number of academic networks and partners with academic institutions and stakeholders worldwide. Located in the heart of International Geneva, CIES regularly hosts workshops and conferences that bring together researchers and policy-makers.

The CIES organises a seminar series in resource and development economics and interdisciplinary lunch seminars.

Spring 2019

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Visiting Fellows & Affiliated Researchers

Katja Doose

Katja Doose
Country of Origin: Germany
Field of Research: Russian Environmental Studies
Email: K.Doose@bham.ac.uk
Project: The Soviet history of climate change

Eva Van der Marel

Eva R. Van der Marel
Country of Origin: Netherlands
Field of Research: Environmental Law
Email: eva.v.marel@uit.no
Project : A framework for market-related measures to “prevent, deter, and eliminate IUU fishing”


Yixian Sun

Yixian Sun
Country of Origin: China
Department: International Relations / Political Science
Email: yixian.sun@graduateinstitute.ch
Website: LinkedIn profile
Project: Transnational private governance for the environment in China

Latest news

From left to right: Shaila Seshia Galvin, James Hollway, Joëlle Noailly, Susanna Hecht, Liliana Andonova, Christophe Gironde, Amalia Ribi Forclaz, Anne Saab, Timothy Swanson  and Andhina Kusumawidjaja. 

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The Maison de la paix is located at Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2A, on the corner of Avenue de France. You may take tram 15 until stop Maison de la paix or, alternatively, it is a few minutes’ walk from Place des Nations.


 CIES Newsletter - February 2018

  • Green industrial policies for transformative change
  • Land at the Crossroads. An Ecological History of Europe.
  • Liliana Andonova on global public-private partnerships

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CIES Newsletter - September 2017

  • Make mercury history along the gold supply chain
  • Can trade in wildlife ensure its survival?
  • NRP 73 grant for Dr Joëlle Noailly

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CIES Newsletter - March 2017

  • CIES welcomes Tim Flannery
  • The Governed Planet: Climate Change, Targets, and The Role of Carbon Negative Technologies
  • CIES  welcomes  Professor Susanna Hecht - Interview

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