Visiting Research Fellows

The Graduate Institute hosts university professors, lecturers, researchers and senior staff members from international organisations, with independent funding, keen to carry out research and take advantage of the resources and services the Institute has to offer (library, interaction with faculty members and students) and its unique location at the heart of International Geneva.

The Visiting Fellowship Programme is designed for researchers at various stages in their careers from doctoral and early career to more established researchers:

  • Junior Visiting Fellow: this status can be granted for a minimum period of two months and up to one year to self-sponsored PhD candidates and Fulbright nominees;

  • Visiting Fellow: this status can be granted for a period of two months minimum and up to one year to self-sponsored post-docs, researchers, professors and practitioners with an independent research project;

  • Senior Fellows in Residence: aside from academics, the Institute also hosts personalities from international institutions with independent funding and who wish to conduct a research stay at the Institute, leveraging its resources. UN and EU staff members nominated by their organisation (United Nations Fellowship, European Union Fellowship) are welcome, as are other staff members from international organisations;

  • Florence-Geneva Postdoctoral Fellowship: for PhD graduates in law or the social sciences who are within five years of the completion of their PhD, from anywhere in the world, regardless of nationality and including non-EU citizens. Preference is given to applicants who have completed their doctorate within the last three years, and who do not hold a tenured or a tenure-track position in a university. More information here.


  • Access to library resources;
  • Access to IT services (Institute e-mail address, IT account, WiFi network);
  • Interaction facilitated by a professor responsible for liaison between the faculty and students and working in the same or a similar field of research;
  • Access to events organised by the Institute: conferences, roundtables, etc.;
  • Opportunity to present personal research work in a seminar.


Application process

  • Click here to fill the application form;
  • Send the following documents (PDF) 
    • A brief summary of the research project at the Graduate Institute;
    • A letter of support from candidate's home institution (or supervisor;
    • A passport copy.


  • Applications are evaluated on the following dates:
    • 15 September
    • 1 March

Only completed applications will be evaluated.



An admission fee of CHF 500 is payable upon confirmation of the admission status.


Visiting Fellows Office contact :