Support the Institute

We wish to thank alumni, friends of the Institute, collaborators, parents, who have shown support, regardless of the nature or amount.

As friends and alumni of the Graduate Institute, you can contribute to its development and show your support in various ways:

  • By getting involved in alumni chapter activities
  • By offering to represent the Institute at student fairs
  • By renting or providing accommodation to our students
  • By offering internships or jobs to our students

Individually or collectively, you can make a donation to fund:

  • Excellence Scholarships (5,000 Swiss francs) to attract an outstanding student to the Institute
  • Housing Scholarships (10,000 Swiss francs) to provide one year’s rent for a student at our student residences
  • Full Scholarships (20,000 Swiss francs) to support a student for one year 
  • Prizes (about 5,000 Swiss francs) to reward an execptional master’s dissertation or PhD thesis 

You can discuss these different options with the Director of the Institute:

We value your support, no matter the amount!

Supporting Foundations


There are two foundations that support the Graduate Institute, share its values and are committed to its success. Those foundations enjoy non-profit status, so donations made to them are tax-exempt to varying degrees, depending on national legislation.


The “Fondation pour l’étude des relations internationales en Suisse” (Foundation for the Study of International Relations in Switzerland, FERIS) was established in 1957 by Jacques Freymond to raise funding that is managed independently from the Institute but in the Institute’s interests.

FERIS' Foundation Board comprises Institute Director Philippe Burrin (with no voting rights), two representatives from the Institute’s Foundation Board (Beth Krasna and Charles Beer), as well as one member of the Alumni Association Committee (Jason Shellaby) and three co-opted members:

  • Maria Cattaui – Chair
  • Jean Keller
  • Jean-Pierre Roth
  • Marie Owens Thomsen
  • Ghislaine Weder
  • Jürg Witmer

The Friends of the Graduate Institute, Geneva, Inc.

Created in 2010 to support the Institute’s projects, this foundation took over from FERIS America. Like its predecessor, its donations are tax-exempt (501 (c) (3) status).

Its Board of Trustees comprises:

  • Richard Thoman – Chair
  • Allen Lynch – Treasurer
  • Paul Mathieu
  • Irene Miller
  • Brad Smith
  • Sherry Stephenson
  • Philippe Burrin, Director of the Institute – ex officio member

Partner Foundations 


Pictet Foundation for Development

Ivan Pictet created the Pictet Foundation for Development with a capital of 25 million Swiss francs to support the creation of a space to present International Geneva and fund the establishment of the Graduate Institute’s Centre for Finance and Development and its three chairs (held by Professors Ugo Panizza, Yi Huang and Lore Vandewalle).

The Centre for Finance and Development aims to consolidate the Institute’s overlapping expertise in international finance, development economics and financial history and to raise awareness of this promising field.

Pierre du Bois Foundation for Contemporary History

The Pierre du Bois Foundation encourages and funds research into contemporary history, offering study scholarships and providing grants for research and publications. The annual Pierre du Bois Prize is awarded for the best thesis in international history defended at the Institute. Since 2018, the Foundation and the Institute have co-funded the Pierre du Bois Chair on Europe and the World, held by Professor Michael Goebel.

The Foundation was created to honour the memory of Pierre du Bois, former professor at the Graduate Institute, who passed away in June 2007.

Paul and Thomas Guggenheim Foundations

The Paul Guggenheim Foundation awards a prize to a first-time author in the field of international public law who has produced important, high-quality work.

The Thomas Guggenheim Foundation supports the history of economic thought by organising a biennial international symposium and awarding a prize recognising an exceptional piece of work, or body of work, in this field.

The International Center for Monetary and Banking Studies (ICMB)

The International Center for Monetary and Banking Studies aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas, information and research in the fields of international money, banking and finance. Its distinguishing feature is to bring together leaders from three fields: central banks, private banks and academia.

ICMB’s main activities are organising public lectures and an annual, international conference, whose findings are published. Charles Wyplosz, honorary professor at the Institute, led the ICMB for 20 years before handing over its leadership in 2018 to Professor Ugo Panizza.