The Graduate Institute's research mission is to produce knowledge that fosters a better understanding of global problems. As a community of scholars in the academy we are committed to advancing insight and debate in the social sciences and humanities. As a community of publicly engaged scholars, we also seek to enrich policy debates at the international and local level, in particular those involving international actors.

Research is conducted by faculty and other researchers either on an individual basis or as part of the Graduate Institute's interdisciplinary research centres. These centres provide a stimulating intellectual environment by promoting exchanges between professors and doctoral students and by strengthening expertise networks in subjects where Geneva and Switzerland have a comparative advantage. They provide a unique interface between the academic world and the international community thanks to their wide range of activities, including research and expertise, organising public debates, hosting researchers from around the world, and contributing to the Institute’s executive education courses.



The Graduate Institute’s area of specialisation is the study of today’s main global challenges, be they international and transnational, with a particular focus on the world outside of Europe.





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Global Challenges no 5 (April 2019)

New Grammars of War: Conflict and Violence in the 21st Century

Global Challenges is a series of research dossiers designed to share with a broader, non-specialist audience the ideas, knowledge, opinions and debates produced at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies.

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