Academic Awards and Prizes

The Paul Guggenheim Prize in International Law


The Paul Guggenheim Foundation was created in 1979 to honour the memory of Professor Paul Guggenheim, an eminent scholar of international law and professor at the Graduate Institute. Every two years, the Paul Guggenheim Prize rewards a young specialist in the field of international law, author of a first monograph of outstanding quality on a subject of general interest and likely to make a real contribution to the study of international law.

The 2019 edition of the Paul Guggenheim Prize is currently accepting applications. Closing date: 31 May 2019.


The 2017 Paul Guggenheim Prize was jointly attributed jointly to:

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The Ladislas Mysyrowicz Prize


The  Ladislas Mysyrowicz Prize is awarded for an excellent master’s dissertation or PhD thesis devoted to the study of refugees.

  • Laureate: Irene Manganini, Master in International Law
  • Dissertation: "The Refugee Status Determination of Transgender Asylum-Seekers: A Queer Critique"


The Pierre du Bois Prize


This annual prize, created by the Fondation Pierre du Bois pour l'histoire du temps présent, rewards a student who prepares the best PhD thesis in international history presented at the Institute.

  • Laureate: Dr Vsevolod Kritskiy, PhD in International History
  • Thesis: "Reorienting the Nation: Perspectives from Soviet Central Asia in the 1920s"



The Leonid Hurwicz Prize


This annual prize rewards a student who prepares the best PhD thesis in international or development economics. Leonid Hurwicz was an alumnus of the Graduate Institute. He received the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2007, together with Eric S. Maskin and Roger B. Myerson, for the formulation of mechanism design theory.

  • Laureate: Dr Daniele Rinaldo, PhD in Development Economics
  • Thesis: "Essays in Non-Gaussian Economics"


The Anthropology and Sociology Department Prize


  • Laureate: Boetumelo Julianne Nyasulu, Master in Anthropology and Sociology of Development
  • Dissertation: "Feminization and Stigmatization of Infertility in Malawi"


The Mariano Garcia Rubio Prize


The Mariano Garcia Rubio Prize was created in May 2004 to honour the memory of a former assistant in the International Law Department. It is awarded each year to a student who writes the best master’s dissertation in international law.

  • Laureate: Natalie Joy Marrer, Master in International Law
  • Dissertation: "The Drama of Humanitarian Intervention. Unreliable Narration in an Age of (Ab)use of Human Rights"


The Rudi Dornbusch Prize


This annual prize rewards a student who writes the best master’s dissertation in international economics. Rudi Dornbusch was an alumnus of the Institute and one of the most influential international economists of all time.

  • Laureate: Dumebi Uzoabaka Ochem, Master in International Economics
  • Dissertation: "The Effect of Foreign Aid on Sub-National Development: A Quantile Regression Approach"


The International Relations/Political Science Department Prize


  • Laureate: Anna Finiguerra, Master in International Relations/Political Science
  • Dissertation: "Vulnerable Solidarities: Identity, Spatiality and the Contentious Politics of Migration"


The Institute's Alumni Association Prize


This prize was established by the Alumni Association to reward a student from the Institute who prepares the most outstanding PhD thesis. It is awarded every year by each academic unit in turn.

  • Laureate: Dr Jonathan Austin, PhD International Relations/Political Science
  • Thesis: "Small Worlds of Violence: A Global Grammar for Torture"



The Arditi Prize in International Relations


In 1993, the Arditi Foundation created the Arditi Prize in International Relations, which is awarded to the best master’s dissertation in international studies or international affairs.

  • Laureate: Aatif Somji, Master in Development Economics
  • Dissertation: "Who Cares? Addressing Unpaid Care and Domestic Work as a Barrier to Female Microenterprise Development"


Student Leadership Award

The Student Leadership Award was created through a proposal by GISA in 2018 to reward outstanding student engagement through participation in student committees, student initiatives or other activities related to the Graduate Institute’s student life.

  • Laureate: Rebecca Brokbals, Master in International Affairs, President of the Welfare Committee