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Stranded Migrants and the Challenges of International Protection

The research project aimed at identifying and addressing the main gaps in the international protection of stranded migrants.

Recent crises have shown the vulnerability of the stranded migrants trapped in dangerous situations, but their general exposer to danger during their travel and stay in transit and destination countries should not be neglected. Although this area has remained widely unaddressed, humanitarian agencies and experts on the ground have demonstrated that it is of larger magnitude one might expect.

The project therefore inquired into the multifaceted phenomenon of stranded migrants and developed a coherent and global framework for States and international agencies for protecting them. This research identified the vulnerabilities of stranded migrants and their correlative needs for protection, analyzed the normative standards applicable to them and opened up new routes to their international protection that could serve as basis for policy makers.

Project Team


  • Vincent Chetail, Project Director
  • Matthias A. Braeunlich, Research Assistant



Evaluation Report: RAVEL - Evaluation of the Regional Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration Programme for Stranded Migrants in Egypt and Libya
Lyndsey Canham, Noëlle Darbellay, Zina Maleh, Noor Qamar & Charlie-Jil Zürcher

Stranded Migrants: Giving Structure to a Multifaceted Notion
Vincent Chetail & Matthias A. Braeunlich
Global Migration Research Paper Series
No. 5, 2013