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Cohabitation, connivences et antagonismes en situation de ‘nouvelles’ mixités urbaines

This collaborative and multidisciplinary research project started in 2013 for a 30-month period thanks to a grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). Undertaken jointly the Graduate Institute and the University of Geneva, this project examined three neighborhoods in Geneva and focused on the economic activity, community-based associations, and ceremonial links between the residents of these heavily multicultural areas. Comparative studies were also carried out in multicultural neighborhoods in Paris, Athens and Rotterdam.


Project Team


Alessandro Monsutti, Project Director
Sandro Cattacin, Co-Director
Philippe Gazagne, Senior Researcher
Maxime Felder, Research Assistant
Loic Pignolo, Research Assistant



Connivences et antagonismes en milieu urbain. Regards anthropologiques sur Genève
Philippe Gazagne, Françoise Grange, Alessandro Monsutti and Sandro Cattacin
No. 26, forthcoming

Connivences et antagonismes: enquête sociologique dans six rues de Genève
Maxime Felder, Sandro Cattacin, Loïc Pignolo, Patricia Naegeli and Alessandro Monsutti (eds.)
No. 19, 2016, 210 p.

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