Seminar Series

The Centre for Finance and Development at The Graduate Institute Geneva organises currently two seminar series.

Our International Macro History Online Seminar, a collaboration with an international network of universities, brings macroeconomic history topics to an interested public on a weekly basis.

Our upcoming Finance and Development Online Seminar will focus on questions of financing development.

Find more information under the respective sections below.


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International Macro History Online Seminar


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The autumn 2020 sessions of the International Macro History Online Seminar will run from 23 September to 9 December 2020 and will take place virtually every Wednesday at 17:00 (Geneva time). The seminars will run for 60 minutes with extra an optional 15 minutes for further discussion (primarily with graduate students).


Registration and recordings of past sessions

Registration    Recordings of past sessions





About the International Macro History Online Seminar

The International Macroeconomic History Online Seminar Series, jointly organised by the Graduate Institute's Centre for Finance and Development and a consortium of numerous other universities and institutions from around the world, aims to keep the flow of intellectual debate active and to bring macroeconomic history topics to an interested public on a weekly basis.

A virtual format has important advantages, namely, by abolishing physical constraints, so we can have more participants joining in from compatible time zones than the conventional seminars. This is good for the presenters, who are exposed to a broader audience and also for the audience, who can choose to attend seminar series closer to their own research interests. This advantage is greater for specialized sub-disciplines. This is the reason why we launched a seminar in macro history. Finally, co-ordinating a joint seminar series provides economies of scale in time use.

Participant Institutions

Banque de France, The Graduate Institute, Joint Center for History and Economics, Harvard University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Judge Business School Cambridge, Kiel Institute for the World Economy, King’s College London, London School of Economics, NYU-Abu Dhabi, Paris School of Economics, Princeton University, Queen’s University Belfast, Rutgers University, Sciences Po, Solvay Business School, Universitat de Barcelona, University Carlos III Madrid, University College London, University of California, Berkeley, University of Geneva, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, University of Vienna, Vienna University of Economics and Business and Yale University.

Finance and Development Online Seminar

More information will be available soon...