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Project Outline


Achim Wennmann was mandated in early 2013 by Conciliation Resources (London) to co‐edit a book project and accompanying policy brief. The publication sought to provide practical peacebuilding learning, innovation and policy advice on how to promote legitimate governance in peace processes. It explored a common, contemporary peacebuilding theme: how can legitimate politics be developed in conflict‐affected and fragile states as part of a peace process? Armed conflict is associated with fragile governance and weak state structures.

Development policy has focused on institution building and liberal statehood in response. Less attention has been paid to political processes and endogenous sources of political legitimacy and authority – subnational, such as communities or armed groups, or regional and cross‐border – and how to support their contribution to inclusive political settlements. The project addressed this gap between policy and practice.

The book entitled "Legitimacy and peace processes: from coercion to consent" (Alexander Ramsbotham and Achim Wennmann) was released in April 2014 and may be accessed online as a PDF  or downloaded as an ebook.