Assistants' Association

Created in 2008, the Assistants' Association (ADA) represents all teaching and research assistants, who automatically become members of the Association by virtue of their contract.

ADA defends their interests, collaborates with other associations at the Institute and elsewhere while promoting exchanges between its members.

ADA represents assistants in bilateral meetings with the Director, at the Comité d’Institut and the Comité de direction. ADA has observer status in the Collège des enseignants.

ADA is run by an Executive Committee, elected each year during a general assembly. Elected in September 2017, the following assistants are pleased to be working for you this year. Please feel free to contact any one of them with your comments and suggestions.



President: Valentina Baiamonte

Vice-President: Poorna Mazumdar

Treasurer: Maylis Avaro


  • Tobias Marschall, Anthropology and Sociology of Development
  • Joshua Thew, International History
  • Hayley Marie Pallan, International Economics
  • Miguel Iglesias Lopez, International Relations and Political Science
  • Maria Kamran, MINT
  • Aliki Semertzi, International Law
  • Juliette Ganne, Research Assistants' Representative