Here you can find videos linked to the work of our team and guests.

CFD advisory board member and Director of the International Centre of Money and Banking Studies, Prof. Charles Wyplosz, talks about his expectations of events following the Brexit.
Prof. Jonathan Eaton from Brown University on changing global trade to GDP ratios at DEGIT XX.
CFD Deputy Director Prof. Ugo Panizza gives his view on the unexpected outcome of the UK referendum to leave the European Union, the so-called Brexit, held on 23 June 2016.
BCC Director Prof. Cédric Tille on the concept of unconditional basic income prior to the Swiss vote on the initiative on unconditional basic income on 5 June 2016.
Prof. John Strauss, Department of Economics, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, visited the CFD to assist in a PhD defense and took the opportunity to talk about his work on the aging crisis in China.
CFD Deputy Director Prof. Ugo Panizza speaks about his new paper "Billions on the Sidewalk: Improving Savings by Reducint Investment Mistakes".