Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy
22 July 2019

Save the date

Forthcoming event with the IDLO on 17 October 2019

The Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy and the International Development Law Organisation (IDLO) are pleased to inform you of the event that they jointly organise on Thursday 17 October from 18:00 to 19:45 entitled: Customary and Informal Justice Systems: Navigating Complex Pathways to Justice for all.

What is the relationship between formal and customary and informal justice systems? What are the policy and practical challenges that are posed in relation to gender equality and human rights? Access to justice will remain elusive for many people unless there is meaningful engagement with customary and informal justice systems. It is essential to understand the context in which such systems operate and reflect on practical entry points and solutions for engagement, with the aim to improve justice outcomes and delivery for justice seekers.

This global consultation launched by IDLO aims to bring together all perspectives, in order to learn from one another how to make the justice experience more inclusive, effective and responsive to the realities and needs of justice seekers.

We cordially invite you to participate in this event and to actively contribute to the dialogue on advancing human rights through engagement with customary and informal justice systems.

Panelists will include high-level experts from government, civil society and international organizations, including regional and country-based personalities.

The panel discussion will be moderated by Ms. Irene Khan, Director-General, International Law Development Organization (IDLO).

Remarks will be delivered by Dr. Christine Lutringer, Executive Director, Albert Hirschman Centre for Democracy, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies.

The programme and the names of the panelists will be announced during the summer. Meanwhile you may contact for any information.