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Autumn Semester, Geneva, 2019

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Petal 2, Room S4, Maison de la paix, Geneva

The TradeLab International Economic Law Clinic at the Graduate Institute offers a unique opportunity to thoroughly analyze international trade and investment law, as well as broader issues of international economic law, and jurisprudence through a combination of practice and theory.  Students work in small groups under the close supervision of one or more Professors, invited experts (“mentors”) and the teaching assistant on specific legal questions related to international economic law coming from real beneficiaries such as international organizations, governments, SMEs or NGOs.   Please find below the calendar of the final presentations of the current semester:  

16 December, 18h15 - 19h05
Analysing the Strengths and Weaknesses of International Legal Instruments and Dispute Settlement Procedures Available to Indigenous Communities and NGOs for the Protection of the Amazon;  

16 December, 19h10 - 20h00
Identifying Trade Measures Affecting a South American Country’s Exports and Suggesting Product-specific Negotiation and Export Promotion Strategies;

18 December, 18h15 -19h05
Improving Transparency, Information Flow and Monitoring in the WTO: Analysing Current Proposals & Thinking “Outside The Box";

18 December, 19h10 - 20h00:
Taxation of Income from Services Provided by Non-Residents and Attribution of Income to Permanent Establishments through Fractional Apportionment: Studying Double Taxation Treaties and National Laws.