Graziella Moraes Silva profil


Spoken languages
Portuguese, English, Spanish, French
Areas of expertise
  • Redistribution policies, social inequalities, poverty
  • Cultural anthropology
  • Developing countries (Latin America and South Africa)
  • The social and political construction of race and ethnicity



PhD, Harvard University

Graziella Moraes Silva joined the Graduate Institute in Fall 2016 as Assistant Professor in Anthropology and Sociology of Development.  Between 2011 and 2016 she was at the Department of Sociology of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil and is still affiliated to the Graduate Program in Sociology and Anthropology (PPGSA) and to the Interdisciplinary Network for the Study of Inequality (NIED) at the same university.  Dr. Moraes Silva earned her PhD and Master’s degrees in sociology at Harvard University. She works at the intersection between inequality studies and cultural sociology.  Her current research projects focus on comparative race relations and elite’s perceptions of poverty and inequality.   She is one of the authors of "Getting Respect: Dealing with Stigmatization and Discrimination in the United States, Brazil and Israel " (Princeton University Press 2016), and "Pigmentocracies: Ethnicity, Race, and Color in Latin America " (University of North Carolina Press 2014). Her courses have focused on the sociology of inequalities, race and ethnic relations, and political sociology. A Brazilian national, Graziella Moraes Silva speaks fluent Portuguese, English and Spanish and intermediate French.




  • Michèle Lamont, Graziella Moraes Silva, Jessica Welburn, Joshua Guetzkow, Nissim Mizrahim, Hanna Herzog and Elisa Reis Getting Respect: Dealing with Stigmatization and Discrimination in the United States, Brazil and Israel Princeton University Press, 2016.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • Graziella Moraes Silva "After racial democracy: contemporary puzzles in race relations in Brazil, Latin America and beyond from a boundaries perspective" Current Sociology, DOI: 011392115590488, 2015.
  • Graziella Moraes Silva and Matias López. "Brazilian people" in the eyes of elites: repertoires and symbolic boundaries of inequality.  Sociologia & Antropologia vol. 5, N. 1: 157-182, 2015.
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Book Chapters

  • Graziella Moraes Silva and Marcelo Paixão “Mixed and Unequal: New perspectives on Brazilian race relations” IN Edward.Telles and PERLA Team. Pigmentocracies: Ethnicity, Race, and Color in Latin America. UNC Press Books, 2014: 172-217
  • Graziella Moraes Silva  “Ações Afirmativas, Raça, Classe e Identidade Nacional no Brasil e na África do Sul”  (Affirmative Action, Race, Class and National ID in Brasil and in South Africa) In: Ação afirmativa em questão: Brasil, Estados Unidos, África do Sul e França.. Rio de Janeiro : Pallas Editora, 2013, p. 308-322
  • Elisa Reis and Graziella Moraes Silva “Is Cuba Becoming more Latin American? (with Elisa P. Reis).  In: Cuban Economic and Social Development Policy Reforms and Challenges in the 21st Century.  Edited by: Jorge I. Domínguez; Omar Everleny Pérez Villanueva; Mayra Espina Prieto; Lorena Barberia.  Harvard University Press, 2012, p. 321-226

Published Articles, Reports and Reviews