Global Migration Centre
07 October 2019

From Tampere 20 to Tampere 2.0

From Tampere 20 to Tampere 2.0: Towards a new programme for EU migration and asylum policies 20 years after the Tampere conclusions.


Thursday 24 and Friday 25 October 2019, Helsinki, Finland

Vincent Chetail will give a presentation on migration and development at the conference organised by the European Migration Network, the Odysseus Network and the European Policy Centre.

"The next Odysseus yearly conference for 2019 will be organised in Helsinki on 24 and 25 October 2019 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Tampere conclusions adopted by the European Council under a Finnish Presidency on 15 & 16 October 1999. Instead of looking backwards, this landmark anniversary provides an opportunity to brainstorm about future priorities for the development of the visas, borders, migration and asylum policies within the next five years, anticipating the future guidelines that the European Council will adopt for the period 2020-2024.
While Odysseus took the initiative, this conference is jointly organised with the EMN-Finland and the European Policy Centre in connection with the Finnish Presidency of the European Union and will take place in Helsinki on 24 and 25 October 2019. High level speakers will participate like Filippo Grandi (UN High Commissioner for Refugees of the United Nations - UNHCR), António Vitorino (Director of the International Organisation for Migration - IOM), Michael Spindelegger (Director of the International Centre for Migration Policy Development – ICMPD), Maria Ohisalo (Minister of the Interior of Finland), Nina Gregori (Director of the European Asylum Support Office - EASO), and Berndt Koerner (Deputy Director of Frontex). Other speakers will come from the OECD, EU institutions, Member States, NGOs, think tanks as well as academics and researchers from all over Europe, including representatives of Northern African countries and Canada.
Ten thematic sessions and workshops will address the most pressing issues at EU level following the structure of the Tampere conclusions : Partnership with Third Countries; a Common European Asylum System; Fair Treatment of third-country nationals; Management of Migration Flows. The final debate will review the ideas and suggestions raised during the workshops and might involve the designate Commissioners for International Partnerships and for Home Affairs. All sessions have been carefully prepared on the basis of documents discussed during preparatory workshops that will be made available before the conference. The ideas and suggestions raised during the workshops will lead to a final document drafted under the responsibility of the organisers that will be disclosed quickly after the conference and presented to the EU institutions, Member States and international organisations."

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