Student Awards
09 August 2019

Student Receives Aladdin Project Youth Award

The award was given to Giulia Manccini Pinheiro, who recently graduated with a Master in International Law, and her two fellow group members for their research on “Climate and Environmental Change in Migration: The Case of the Senegalese Municipality of Ndiébène Gandiole”. In 2018, Ms Pinheiro was selected by the Graduate Institute to attend the Aladdin Project’s International Summer University for Intercultural Leadership in Istanbul, Turkey, an annual programme supported by UNESCO and the European Commission. Its aim is to develop students’ intercultural skills through studying key issues in international affairs linked to coexistence, diversity, the rule of law and good governance.  

“The Aladdin Project was a really exciting multicultural experience that brought together youth from all over the world to discuss migration, a polemic yet essential topic”, said Ms Pinheiro. “It was the first time that I saw migrants, refugees and people from the host communities debating, from equal to equal, the challenges and priorities that the current migratory movements have. For me, more important than winning the award was the opportunity to work in a very diverse and competent group (from the US, Senegal, Spain and Brazil) and learn more about the situation of climate change migration in Senegal”.  

Students’ research projects were completed after the two-week summer programme and submitted in October 2018 to an international panel of academics. 

“Our aim through this exercise was to give [students] the opportunity to not only study and meet with each other, but also have the opportunity to continue [their] discussions and collaboration from [their] home countries”, said the Aladdin Project’s Executive Director, Abe Radkin, in a written statement. 

Ms Pinheiro wrote her master’s dissertation on environmental change migration. She is currently interning in the Coordinator Office of the Civil Society Action Committee for Migration where she organises the Civil Society Days of the Global Forum for Migration and Development and she is also the Europe Focal Point for Migration from the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth.