Global Governance Centre
12 June 2019

The PATHS of International Law Workshop

Inquires about how and why change happens in international law.

On Thursday 6 and Friday 7 June, the Global Governance Centre hosted a workshop  which brought together scholars from international law, international relations, and political sociology to reflect about change in international legal norms and the international legal order. The event was part of the “PATHS” project, coordinated by Nico Krisch and Ezgi Yildiz and funded by the European Research Council.

The “PATHS” project inquires how and why change happens in international law. The participants from European, Australian, North American, and Latin American universities presented their different approaches to international legal transformation in ten thematic sessions. Their short think pieces lead to stimulating discussions around a myriad of approaches to change in international law, temporalities of change, and stability in the multilateral political order. Topics debated covered a wide selection of themes, ranging from analysing regional dynamics of change, over norm construction, evolution, and contestation, to mechanisms of change and relevant actors, drivers of change and different methodological approaches to the study of (legal) change. Participants also exchanged their views on the interdisciplinary theoretical and methodological development of “PATHS” of international law and the innovative study of stability and change in the international legal order. The workshop culminated in a rich round table discussion around the diverse dynamics of change operating in different cross-cutting pathways in international law.

For more information on the project please click here and watch the YouTube video below.


Nico Krisch on "The Paths of International Law - Global Stability and Change in the International Legal Order"