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27 May 2019

Graduate Institute Researchers Present Their Work at World-Renowned ISA Conference

At this year’s 60th Annual International Studies Association (ISA) Conference in Toronto, Canada, Graduate Institute professors and researchers presented 50 convention papers on nine thematic clusters: Conflict and Peace Processes; Security Studies and Regionalism; Methodological/Theoretical Novelties; Global Governance, International Organisations and Norms; Environmental Politics, Institutions and Norms; Gender Studies and Peacebuilding; Political Economy and Economic History; Foreign Policy, Human Rights and International Negotiation; and Politics of Immigration and Refugee Crisis. During the Conference, Professors Anna Leander, Elisabeth Prügl and Liliana Andonova (pictured above from left to right), were each awarded a prize  for their contribution to the field.

Abstracts from all 50 papers can be found in the Global Challenges Bulletin, published by the Research Department.

The 2020 ISA Annual Convention will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii from 25-28 March.

ISA is a world-renowned, academic association that endeavours to create communities of scholars dedicated to international studies. With 6,500 members globally, its goal is to provide opportunities for an exchange of ideas and research between colleagues on a local level and within specific subject areas.