Student Story
27 February 2020

GIMUN Blog's Editor-in-Chief Shares her Experience

Marzia Marastoni, originally from Italy, is a PhD candidate in International Law. As Editor-in-Chief, she has found a place to combine her life-long passion for writing with international affairs on a global stage. 

I have always loved reading and writing. After all, Plato could not be more right: writing is the geometry of the soul. As an introverted child with a lot of imagination, I fist attempted to write poetry when I was eight years old. Afterwards, I tried to write novels, then theatre plays. Not knowing what to do with the accumulating sheets of paper, I would give them to my father with a mixture of pride and embarrassment. He still keeps them in a drawer, together with his socks. 

Writing has always been a fixed point in my life, which is a good thing considering the amount of reading and writing that a PhD student deals with! My passion for writing, combined with my interest in international affairs, led me to become the Editor-in-Chief for “UN, You Know?”, a blog for Geneva International Model United Nations. 

In the blog, we cover several themes with international relevance such as human rights, terrorism, migration, etc. The blog aims to create an open space for those who are willing to express their opinions and to practice their writing skills. It is a place where everyone can give a voice to their thoughts and set their minds free with no locks or gates.

Together with the blog, GIMUN organises a wide range of events throughout the year, including United Nations Day, GIMUN’s Annual Conference, International Geneva, and various study trips. These events serve as a platform for young people to discuss current international affairs as well as the role of the United Nations and its values. 

This year’s Annual Conference took place from 15 to 21 February at the United Nations Office at Geneva and also at the Graduate Institute. With approximately 250 people from 60 different countries participating, the Annual Conference brought an amazing potpourri of culture, language and backgrounds to life. It is an amazing opportunity for those who want to challenge themselves as delegates, ambassadors, chairs, journalists, translators and interpreters.  

Through the different activities organised by GIMUN, students develop public speaking and negotiation skills, as well as become acquainted with fundamentals themes in the international arena. For instance, GIMUN chose the overarching theme of gender equality for the UN Day on 24 October 2019. Outstanding guests shared their view and participants gained insights in different approaches regarding gender equality. But most importantly, everyone expressed their opinion. 

From my participation first as a member of the press team for the Venice Model UN, then as a delegate for the Bern Model UN and now as Editor-in Chief of the blog for GIMUN, I was able to take away lovely memories, inputs, friendships and impressions. 


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