Anthropology and Sociology
29 May 2019

A Conversation with Alessandro Monsutti on his book “Homo Itinerans”

Interview with Professor Monsutti

Alessandro Monsutti’s last book Homo Itinerans: La Planète des Afghans came out in September last year, with Presses Universitaires de France and will soon be translated into English. This evocative book tells the story of Afghan migrations and the military-humanitarian apparatus that has accompanied the Afghan wars, from the perspective of the actors whom the anthropologist met during his various journeys to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, the US, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. In between a travel diary and a classic ethnography, it brings the voices of Afghans on the move, international experts, NGOs workers and military officers who together form the “transnational arena” of migration and humanitarian governance. In this podcast, Alessandro Monsutti, Professor of Anthropology at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, discusses his book with Julie Billaud, an anthropologist and lecturer at the University of Sussex and author of Kabul Carnival: Gender Politics in Postwar Afghanistan.



Originally published on Allegra Lab.

Allegra Podcast - A conversation with Alessandro Monsutti on his last book "Homo Itinerans"