Centre for International Environment Studies
02 October 2019

CIES Welcome Event

As part of the first week of the Autumn Semester at the Graduate Institute, the Centre for International Environmental Studies (CIES) and the Environmental Committee (EC) co-organized a welcome event for the incoming students.

Every year, the CIES has for objective to help new students to familiarize with the environmental sphere of the Graduate Institute.  This was an opportunity to discuss with faculty members as well as familiarizing themselves with the work of the CIES; the Environment, Resources and Sustainability Track of the MINT teaching programme; and with the EC. Students were able to meet with the professors, the associated faculty and other actors involved in the environmental field at the Graduate Institute.

Liliana Andonova, Head of the interdisciplinary programmes and academic co-director for the CIES welcomed the new students in her speech as well as those returning. She introduced each members of the faculty and encouraged students to talk with them. Professor Andonova then gave the floor to Spencer Williams, President of the Environmental Committee, to promote the role of the EC and their involvements in International Geneva.

The faculty members from the CIES attended the event to discuss with the students about their environmental interests and their work. The CIES focuses on research involving environmental issues within the complexity of the social, legal and economic, political challenges facing the world today. By doing that, the welcome event was an opportunity to promote to the students various events organized this semester and the ongoing research projects at the CIES.

The CIES is looking forward to this new academic year and in meeting new students!