Global Migration Centre Events
07 May 2019

Book Launch

Book launch of "Adolescent Girls' Migration in the Global South"

On Tuesday 30 April, the GMC hosted the book launch of Adolescent Girls’ migration in the Global South in the presence of its three authors, Katarzyna Grabska, Marina de Regt, and Nicoletta Del Franco.   Dr Ruxandra Stoicescu (SNIS), Laura Chello (Girls Advocacy Alliance, Terre des Hommes International Federation) and Bana Goitom a researcher also contributed to the discussion.  This project is the result of a seven year collaboration based on a research project hosted by the GMC and financed by the SNIS.

Each author presented an aspect of the project highlighting the complexity surrounding the issues of displacement of Adolescent girls in Sudan, Bangladesh and Ethiopia. Laura Chello and Ruxandra Stoicescu stressed the pertinence of such work in their respective domains.  The book presentation provided the opportunity to show the public an excerpt of the documentary film Two girls” based on the research.

Adolescent Girls' Migration in the Global South: Transitions into Adulthood
Katarzyna Grabska, Marina de Regt and Nicoletta Del Franco. Palgrave Studies on children and development, 2018

The Authors and Researcher: Katarzyna Grabska, Marina de Regt, Nicoletta Del Franco and Bana Goitom
Katarzyna Grabska and Bana Goitom