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7th Global Forum on Health Promotion: Our Planet, Our Health

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Auditorium 2 | Maison de la Paix

Organised by Alliance for Health Promotion in partnership with the Global Health Centre

Environmental risk factors, such as pollution, significantly contribute to the increase in non-communicable diseases, complicate respiratory conditions and effectively surge healthcare costs.  In addition, at least 12.6 million people die each year due to causes related to environmental factors. Many of these conditions are entirely preventable, but the global and regional frameworks for addressing the environmental determinants of health are limited.

It is clear that the health of people can no longer be seen as separate from the health of the planet. This is why this one-day forum will explore the role of health promotion with a Planetary Health lens. By bringing together health actors from various sectors the forum seeks to increase awareness on the far-reaching impact of environmental factors on the well-being of populations globally, and share ideas and approaches to address them.

Focusing in particular in indoor and outdoor pollution, the forum will also explore the ways in which different actors can cooperate in a multisectoral manner. Furthermore, the forum will utilise the opportunity provided by the SDG framework for carrying out health promotion strategies that take into account the health of the planet and affirm that planet health, like human health, is a human rights issue.

This event is organised by Alliance for Health Promotion in partnership with the Global Health Centre at the Graduate Institute, the Life University and the World Health Organization.