Global Migration Centre


The Global Migration Centre (GMC) conducts advanced research, provides policy-oriented expertise and publications as well as training on the multifaceted causes and consequences of global migration. While our primary function is to lead policy and academic research, we also regularly organise events, expert meetings and conferences. Through these various activities, we offer a unique interface between academia, the international community and the civil society. The distinctive features and assets of the GMC owe much to our focus on the transnational dimensions of migration and its interdisciplinary orientation in order to fully grasp the complexities of mobility in a globalised world. 

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Recent News

«Le Pacte mondial sur les migrations est en péril»
Interview du professeur Vincent Chetail, directeur du GMC, dans la Tribune de Genève.

The future of migration in North Africa
On Monday, 14 May 2018, the GMC organised a public lecture entitled The future of migration in North Africa by Dr. Ibrahim Awad, Visiting Fellow at the GMC and Director of the Centre for Migration and Refugee Studies at the American University in Cairo.

UN Global Compact for Migration – could do better
At a public event on 8 May, Professor Vincent Chetail, Director of the GMC, assessed the challenges and opportunities of the UN Global Compact for Migration.

"Il faut développer une pédagogie de la migration"
Selon Prof. Vincent Chetail, directeur du GMC, qui a donné une interview lors d’une rencontre d’experts au Conseil des droits de l’homme des Nations Unies, il y a une méconnaissance du phénomène migratoire.

New Research Project on Migration and Health
The GMC has received a competitive grant from the Roche Foundation to lead a new research entitled “Understanding the Nexus between Migration and Health in the Global South”