Global Migration Centre


The Global Migration Centre (GMC) based at the Graduate Institute of international and Development Studies offers a unique interface between academia and the international community. The GMC conducts advanced research, policy-relevant expertise and training on the multifaceted causes and consequences of global migration.

The major distinctive features and assets of the GMC are its focus on the transnational dimensions of migration and its interdisciplinary orientation. By doing so the GMC seeks to fully grasp the complexities of mobility in a globalized world. To this end, it combines inputs from lawyers, political scientists, economists, historians, anthropologists and sociologists.

While its primary function is to lead policy and academic research, the GMC also aims at influencing the direction of future practices and norms through dissemination and training. It regularly organises summer courses, international conferences, lectures and panel discussions.




Will the EU-Turkey migrant deal work in practice? 

On 18 March, the EU and Turkey agreed a deal in which, for each Syrian migrant returned to Turkey from Greece, another will be resettled legally in the EU. Vincent Chetail, GMC Director, examines the nature of, and prospects for, the deal. Read the interview here.



Looking beyond the Refugee Crisis

Vincent Chetail has been invited to give a conference entitled "Looking Beyond the Refugee Crisis: The Role and Limit of International Law" at the Queen University of Belfast on Tuesday 3rd May. More info





New Policy Brief

Adam Rodriques and Alessandro Monsutti look at a neglected security dimension of the situation in Afghanistan in this new policy brief: Rocks and Hard Places: Where will all the Afghans go?


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