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16 February 2018

Orbán’s Lawfare against Liberal Democracy in Hungary

Heineken beer, Helsinki Committee and the Central European University in Budapest have recently all been the object of the Hungarian government’s unfavourable attention. It tried to ban the beer on the pretext that the red star on the can was a totalitarian symbol, to restrict the workings of the well-known NGO, and passed a new law designed to close the renowned private university, whose fate still...
16 February 2018

Is global governance in crisis, or just transforming?

Whereas the 20th century was defined by the expansion of multilateral cooperation and integration, the early 21st century has witnessed President Trump’s “America first” policy, “Brexit” and various populist...

15 February 2018

What kind of governance does the world need?

Our model for global governance is no longer fit for purpose, says Cédric Dupont, Graduate Institute Professor of International Relations/Political Science and Director of Executive Education. “The global...

08 February 2018

Graduate Institute professor named among 100 Africans for 2018

NewAfrican magazine has named Graduate Institute professor Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou as one of its 100 Africans for 2018. The list, published annually, identifies the most influential Africans in...

07 February 2018

Environmental Committee gears up for Swiss Sustainability Week

On March 12–16 the Graduate Institute will host the first Swiss Sustainability Week, a series of events to raise awareness and generate debate around the planet’s environmental and sustainability challenges....