Undergraduate Programme in Geneva

An Immersion in the World of International Institutions and Global Governance


"This programme is truly unique : it provides undergraduate students a chance to immerse in the culture of international affairs. Through a semester of coursework and practical workshops, it offers them an opportunity to discover first-hand multilateral diplomacy and negotiations. By studying in the heart of international Geneva, students will gain academic and practical knowledge on the historical, political, economic and legal aspects of global governance. This programme is a transformative experience that will hone their aspirations for post-graduate studies and professional career. Beyond the classroom, it entails visits to international organisations, meeting with high-level professionals and social events."
Professor Gilles Carbonnier, Director of Studies

A 14-week programme for undergraduate students


  • The programme is open to students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree programme and who would like to engage in a study abroad semester in the field of International Affairs. While the programme is designed for sophomore and junior undergraduate students, senior (or fourth-year) students may be considered.
  • The programme offers a unique approach based on an immersion into the very specific culture of international organisations. This is achieved through a combination of academic teaching, simulation exercises, mentoring from PhD students and interaction with international actors.
  • Students can enroll for one or two semesters during their junior year abroad. View the Academic Calendar here.


Assets of International Geneva and the Institute

  • Geneva is host to a multiplicity of international actors: International Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, Diplomatic Missions – and contains a wealth of expertise and resources on the most pressing global challenges. Consequently, it is an ideal location to learn and experience the way international actors deal with the global challenges facing today's world.
  • The Graduate Institute, Geneva is a highly-specialised and independent postgraduate institution, with a cosmopolitan student body and renowned faculty. It offers a concentration of expertise both regional and thematic on the most important and current international and development issues. Students will benefit from an optimal environment in which to study the essentials about how states, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations deal with global problems such as:
    • global governance
    • conflict and peace-building
    • development and environment
    • human rights
    • humanitarian actions
    • international trade
    • global health
    • global migration