Semester Programme

Join us in the heart of Genenva for a unique opportunity to explore and analyse today's global challenges with renowned faculty and high level practitioners.

A new 14-week programme for Undergraduate Students

The Semester Programme (30 ECTS credits) opens the doors of a highly specialised post graduate institution to undergraduate students.


  • 4 weekly courses providing a comprehensive initiation in International Affairs including the possibility to follow a course at MA level
  • A tailor-made mentoring programmes which offers an introduction to prominent International Organisations through visits, panel discussions with IO representatives and workshops. See our sample programme here.
  • A French language course
  • Academic advising for graduate studies and career paths

The programme is open to students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree programme and who would like to engage in a study abroad semester in the field of International Affairs.

Tanisha Rayamajhi, Wellesley College (Autumn 2017 Semester)

Tanisha.jpg"I think the immerson offered by this program into the heart of what working in international affairs really means is unparalleled amongst opportunities available to an undergraduate. In addition to taking small-sized graduate classes alongside people who have had such a breadth of experiences and perspectives to offer, there are classes that professors have designed specifically for us, from a technical course on macroeconomic policy to a discussion based class on Histories of Globalisation. The program fosters each student’s individual interest through its mentoring program. I only had to mention once that I was interested in global health and there was a meeting organised with a someone at WHO within a few days. The week before I was sharing lunch and a conversation with the former UNHCR Representative of my country.
It has been an incredible, tailor-made experience so far and one I highly recommend to anyone wanting to pursue a life in the international domain."