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For Residents Outside of the United States
Fondation pour l’Institut de hautes études internationales et du développement
Credit Suisse – Zürich
IBAN : CH92 0483 5025 4300 1114 4
References to be indicated with the payment: « Alumni scholarship - 1634»

For Residents of the United States
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Bank of America
Account number: 2260 0529 6198
Routing number: 054 001 204 (transfert électronique ou papier)
Banking routing number: 026 009 593 (transfert électronique)

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Friends of the Graduate Institute Foundation
c/o Allen C. Lynch, Co-Treasurer
Friends of the Graduate Institute, Geneva, Inc.
120 Vincennes Rd.
Charlottesville, VA 22911


Foster our values

In a world which seems to be increasingly uncertain, the students, young graduates and alumni of the Institute maintain a strong community spirit built around the values which are dear to us and have had a strong impact over the years, decades and generations.

By supporting a young person who is following in your footsteps, taking roots in the fertile ground of reflection and values taught at the Institute, you will simultaneously; significantly improve the student’s study conditions, play a key role in education, invest in the future and pursue your contribution to making this planet a better world.


Natalie Africa_IHEID Alumni_2.jpg   Peta-Gaye Bookall IHEID scholarship Winner_2.jpg

Natalie Africa


"I was only able to complete my MA at the Graduate Institute because I had a scholarship" 


Peta-Gaye Bookall (centre)


“The scholarship covers both tuition and provides funding"

Your support is all the more essential as the Institute, by its constitution as a foundation, has a unique status. Join the alumni who have already financed all or part of a scholarship. Whatever the amount, your contribution is precious. It is only together and through solidarity that we will continue to contribute to our world’s positive development.