All participants who attend our programme will be awarded a "certificate of participation". Conditions: active participation in class discussions and practical exercises; readings covered and understood; attendance to all classes and visits.

Examinations are not compulsory: if you do not apply for credits, you are not required to sit for exams.


ECTS Credits


Participants can also choose to follow the programme to obtain credits.

Our Programmes are accredited according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Participation to a programme of at least 2 weeks may be accepted for credits at your home university. It is up to your home university to evaluate our courses and decide the amount of credits you will receive (approximately 6 European ECTS credits for 2 weeks).

Students who choose to follow the Programme to obtain credits will have to attend an examination and write a research paper. Evaluation will consist of:

  • class participation (20%),
  • a written essay exam (30%). The exam takes place at the end of the Programme.
  • a research paper covering experience in the programme as a whole (50%). The paper will be due at the latest three weeks after the end of the programme. The topic is left to the participants’ choice; they can receive guidance from an academic adviser.

If you are interested in transferring credits to your current study programme, you should contact the Study Abroad Office of your University. We can provide more information about the course, syllabus and academic level to your Study Abroad Office upon request.

Participants who successfully complete the assessments will be provided with an academic transcript and a certificate, after the programme is finished. Transcripts and certificates are mailed to participants approximately two months after the end of a Programme.


How to use your credits


Academic credits are mostly useful if you are following undergraduate or graduate programmes and would like to add our Programme as a course in your curriculum.
It will provide you with a formal document that may be useful if you apply for a Master or a PhD at the Graduate Institute. Our Faculty looks into our Programme participants' results as they browse through application files. Moreover, we can also provide you with a recommendation letter if you obtain credits.