Relations internationales / Science politique

The International Relations / Political Science Department offers a highly innovative, cosmopolitan and enriching academic environment. The mission of the department is to provide M.A. and Ph.D. students with theoretical grounding and rigorous training in important developments in the fields of International Relations / Political Science.

The study programmes offered combine intellectual rigor with a highly varied set of substantive specialties and courses in order to train sophisticated generalists. We concentrate on helping our students develop analytical skills that enable them to work and conduct research in a variety of settings: governments, international organisations, NGOs, businesses and academia.

Our internationally recruited faculty works with a broad array of different theoretical and methodological approaches. While several approach the subject with what might broadly be termed a constructivist or broadly critical orientation, the faculty also includes a game theorist, a feminist theorist, an agent-based modeler, a linguistic analyst and a rational institutionalist.

The faculty research and teaching falls into three main clusters: