The Department of International Law extensively publish academic books, journal articles and reports on a wide range of topics. Faculty publications are linked to their individual profiles and can also be accessed here.

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International Law Theories: An Inquiry into Different Ways of Thinking

Author: Andrea Bianchi


  • Comprehensively engages with the leading theoretical approaches to international law.
  • Spurs creative thinking by introducing the reader to a myriad of perspectives on international law.
  • Includes lists of additional readings, giving the reader an easy route to expand upon each theory of international law analysed in the book.
  • Encourages scholars, students, and practitioners to meditate upon the methodology that may underlie their present work in writing, studying or practicing international law.


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International Law and Migration

International Law series

Edited by Vincent Chetail


The collection takes stock of the important legal scholarship devoted to the multifaceted impact of international law on migration. It highlights the great diversity of the legal literature and provides a representative and didactic mapping of the key issues and rules at stake. The selected papers explore the core notions of movement, sovereignty and globalization. 


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The Arms Trade Treaty: A Commentary

Authors: Andrew Clapham, Stuart Casey-Maslen, Gilles Giacca, Sarah Parker


  • This book explains in detail each of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty provisions, the parameters for prohibitions or the denial of transfers, international co-operation and assistance, and implementation obligations and mechanisms.
  • As states ratify and implement the treaty over the next few years, the commentary provides invaluable guidance to government officials, commentators, and scholars on the meaning of its contentious provisions.



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International Trade Law

Authors: Joost Pauwelyn, Andrew Guzman, Jennifer Hillman


  • This book balances positive and normative perspectives, mixing legal texts and panel/Appellate Body decisions with analysis of economic and policy challenges faced by the international trading system.
  • The Third Edition has been updated to include recent political and economic events, issues and policy debates, and supplements new developments in case law with additional questions and a revised Teacher’s Manual.


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