About us


Our Department has a rich tradition of teaching and research in international law, with an unfaltering commitment to forming and training the most promising international lawyers of tomorrow.

The Graduate Institute's international law professors and lecturers are highly regarded in their respective fields of specialisation and expertise. They are deeply committed to research and their publications are widely acclaimed. They are also engaged in practice and provide consultancy and advice to governments and other international actors on a regular basis. They are a diverse group of individuals coming from all around the globe, who bring to their research and teaching (in English and French), their intellectual knowledge and practical experience.

Their areas of teaching and research cover the full spectrum of international law, including: international law-making and international dispute settlement by international courts and tribunals; international organisations law; State sovereignty, jurisdiction and jurisdictional immunities; international human rights; international humanitarian law; international criminal law; international environmental law; international economic law (including WTO law and investment arbitration); international law theory; the history and philosophy of international law; transnational law and business transactions, and many others.

The Graduate Institute’s International Law Department Faculty also includes honorary professors and visiting faculty from other universities or from the world of professional practice who spend one or more terms teaching at the Institute.