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26 février 2018

Green Industrial Policy and Trade: A Tool-Box

On 22 February 2018 the Institute hosted the launch by UN Environment and its partners from the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) of three major publications that will guide PAGE’s action on green industrial policy. The event featured several experts who drafted portions of these publications. We interviewed Professor Jorge E. Viñuales, Harold Samuel Professor of Law and Environmental...
01 février 2018

For a humanist dialogue between Chinese and Western thoughts...

The European and Chinese traditions of thought on world order are generally considered to be widely different. Is there a way to organise a much-needed humanist dialogue between them? This question is...

22 janvier 2018

Annual Lecture: UN Global Compact on Migration

Prof. Vincent Chetail, Director of the GMC, has been invited to participate in the Annual Lecture in Migration Law at Queen Mary University of London. His lecture, entitled "The UN Global Compact on Migration:...

08 janvier 2018

PHD on Trade and Environment Governance at the WTO

Dr Manuel Teehankee reviews the outputs of the WTO CTE generated throughout its 21 years of existence.

21 décembre 2017

PhD: Towards a new approach to treaty interpretation

Ms Hosseinnejad addresses interpretive inconsistency in philosophical and linguistic terms.