Studying Economics at the Graduate Institute


Unique studying programmes
  • The Department of International Economics of The Graduate Institute offers a unique set of high-profile programmes aimed at students who want to pursue graduate studies. The admissions process is highly selective and based on a detailed application package that you are asked to submit. 
  • Every year we select the best candidates to become the part of our Master in International Economics. On average, we take 20 people each year.
  • Strong candidates with external Masters degrees in economics from universities of the top world-wide reputation should consider applying directly to the PhD in International Economics or PhD in Development Economics programmes.


Rigorous training with policy focus
  • The Department looks for applicants of exceptional academic talent, but also seeks students with an enthusiasm for economics and a desire to use economics to make an impact on the world.
  • Besides courses in micro, macro and econometrics, students can choose among a wide range of more topical courses in economics and other fields. Though rigorous and demanding, they are geared to understanding current phenomena and policy issues.
  • Our training is renowned and appreciated by employers all over the world. Many of our recent MA or  PhD have started exciting careers in the private sector, policy institutions or academia.  
  • The students at the International Economics department get their training in economics and beyond. Your studies will provide you with a broad perspective that will be highly valuable in your career.

Internationally leading professors in a small and familiar environment
  • The Professors are internationally-known leading researchers. Many of them are influential policy advisors and deeply involved in current debates.
  • The faculty contributes to the top academic journals and interact on the sustained basis with policy institutions. They bring the "hands-on" view on policy issues into the classroom, making it priceless experience and a great contribution to the formation of the future experts and leaders.
  • Each fall, we welcome a new class of approximately 20-25 Masters students and 10-15 PhD students representing more than 20 different countries on average.
  • Classes are small, which means personal contacts with professors and the active exchange of ideas among students. At different events, students are given the opportunity to meet external scholars, discuss and present their ideas and get feedback from faculty and colleagues.

Cosmopolitan Environment
  • The student body is truly global, with students coming from all over the world. For an entering class, it is not atypical to have as many nationalities as students.
  • Geneva is home to dozens of international organizations, NGOs and a dynamic financial sector, providing an attractive variety of internships and employment opportunities. Our Career Services provide information on such placements. Some professional economists from institutions like WTO and UNCTAD teach at the Graduate Institute.
  • Students can take classes at the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne or participate in courses given by world-class economists at the Swiss National Bank's Gerzensee Study Center.