Media Coverage and Reports

Recent Media Coverage


6 April 2012, Journal télévisé de la TSR on the current situation in Mali.

9 October 2011, "Pays émergents : une force politique ? Brésil, Russie, Inde, Chine et Afrique du Sud. Les BRICS représentent aujourd'hui 60% de la croissance mondiale. Geopolitis décrypte la réalité de leur poids politique," GEOPOLITIS (TSR)

16 September 2011, "Le développement économique commence d’abord à la campagne," Agrihebdo [pdf]

20 April 2011, "Se la finanza supera il limite," La Voce, with E. Berkes and U. Panizza

18 April 2011, "Consultation for research on ‘Impact of conflict on remittances in SwatConsultation for research on ‘Impact of conflict on remittances in Swat'," in Peshawar, KPK, Pakistan [pdf]

7 April 2011, "Too Much Finance?", Vox EU, with E. Berkes and U. Panizza

22 January 2011, Commencement speaker, Thunderbird School of Global Management, EMBA XIX.  Elected "Most Valuable Professor" by the Thunderbird EMBA XIX cohort, Scotsdale, Arizona

15 September 2010, DIME (Development IMpact Evaluation initiative) BRIEF : The Effects of Social Mobilization and Peer-Education on Counseling and HIV Testing in Senegal (prepared by the World Bank for the MDG summit in New York) [pdf]

September 2010, RSR, Babylone

1 March 2010, "No Magnet for Investment -Yet," Denaris (Swiss Association of Asset Managers, SAAM), 3:10-14.  

Spring 2010, "You Can't Be Too Careful, Or Why the Economic Crisis is No Joke in the Developing World," Globe, No. 4, pp. 16-17 [pdf]

February 2010, RSR, programme on floods in Burkina Faso

January 2010, TSR, Infrarouge, programme on Haiti earthquake

January 2010, TSR, Programme TTC, program on emergency aid following the Haiti earthquake

Spring 2009, "Africa and the Great Contraction," Globe, No. 3, p. 9 [pdf]

Autumn 2008, "Know Thy Data! Combining Economics and Development Studies," Globe, No. 2, pp. 8-9 [pdf]

Reports for National and International Organizations


"The Gambia Community Driven Development Program Baseline: Rural Household Survey, Qualitative Survey, Village Network Survey," 162 pages, March 2010.

"Vulnerable groups in the conflict trap: Results of a field trip to Haiti." Prepared for the European Commission, Seventh Framework Programme, Project ATLAS, Armed Conflicts, Peacekeeping, Transitional Justice: Law as Solution," June 2009, 30 pages.

"Etude de faisabilité pour l'Evaluation d'Impact de l'Initiative Nationale pour le Développement Humain," prepared for the Observatoire National pour le Développement Humain, Prime Minister's office (Primature), Kingdom of Morocco, October 2007, 61 pages.

"The FAS III Baseline Survey: Preliminary Findings," prepared for the Ministerio do Planeamento, Governo de Angola, October 2007, 47 pages.

"Child Malnutrition, Food Security, and Trade: Evidence from Cross-Country Panel Data," prepared for the FAO of the United Nations, June 2004, 37 pages.

"Organisations Paysannes et Développement Rural au Burkina Faso", prepared for the Norwegian Trust Fund for Environmentally and Socially Responsible Development, January 2004, 103 pages.  If you are interested in the Senegal report (the main authors were Elisabeth Sadoulet and Alain deJanvry), it is available here.

"Undernourishment, Female Literacy, Foreign Aid and Civil war," prepared for the FAO of the United Nations, January 2002, 69 pages.

"Croissance endogène et développement: perspectives pour la Tunisie," Les Cahiers de l'IEQ, (with G. Boulila) Institut d'Economie Quantitative, Tunis, 1996, 56 pages.

"Structural Imbalances in Canadian Labour Markets," Economic Council of Canada, Working Paper No. 18, (Ottawa: Ministry of Supply and Services, 1991), also available in French under the title: "Les déséquilibres structurels sur les marchés du travail au Canada" (with S. Gera et S.S. Rahman), 61 pages.

"Reducing Canada's Unemployment: Can Profit-Sharing Help?" (Ottawa: Economic Council of Canada, 1987), 74 pages.