Register for your first semester courses

When: 11 - 29 September


The course curricula for 2017-2018 are available on this page. Click on your programme in the left column to access the course descriptions and syllabi, where available.

The course schedules are available on the Student Portal, in the right-hand side column.

Between 11 and 29 September, you will need to register online for your courses.

  • Registration sessions are limited to 20 minutes, so choose your courses ahead of time!
  • You can only register online from your Graduate Institute Campus account. Your account access details were sent to you in late June.
  • Students with pending admission conditions can register for their courses; however, if their conditions are not met, their course registration may be cancelled.


Additional information

Choosing your courses | Course load | Exchange programmes | Academic calendar


Choosing your courses

  • You will be registered automatically into your required courses.
  • You will be able to choose your elective courses from a set list.

If you wish to take other electives, you will need to submit a special request and meet individual course pre-requisites, if any.

If you think you have already completed one of your required courses, you can request a course substitution.

Such requests can be submitted during the registration period, 11 - 29 September. The request forms are available online (Request Forms - Course Requests in the right-hand side column).

  • You can drop and add courses online between 11 and 29 September. After the 29 September, all course registrations in the "Campus" system are final and will show on your transcript. At that point, if you withdraw from a course, your transcript will reflect an approved withdrawal (for documented force majeure only) with an "R" and a non-motivated withdrawal with an "N". Grades of R and N do not impact your grade point average.
  • Courses generally have limited space; as the registration period progresses, spaces may no longer be available in the courses you wish to add, so plan accordingly.


Course load

  • The normal course load for Master students is 5 courses, or 30 ECTS, per semester. The minimum course load for Master students is 3 courses, or 18 ECTS, per semester.
  • Master students must complete a total of 120 ECTS over four semesters (two years), of which at least 90 ECTS in taught (classroom) coursework (per prescribed curricula) and 30 ECTS earned for their Master thesis, submitted in semester 4.
  • Generally, the 90 ECTS taught courses are completed in the first three semesters so that the final (fourth) semester can be dedicated to writing the Master thesis.
  • Doctoral students must complete a minimum of 24 ECTS (36 in specific departments) in taught (classroom) coursework: 6-credit courses and 3-credit seminars. These are usually completed in the first two semesters.
  • In addition, they must earn 30 credits for a preliminary thesis dissertation, submitted in semester 3.
  • Doctoral students can add a Minor by completing 18 additional ECTS from a set list of options in another department. Requests for a Minor can be submitted in any one of the first four semesters of a doctoral programme. Contact


Exchange programmes

  • The third semester may be spent at a partner university on one of our exchange programmes, subject to application requirements. To apply for an exchange programme, students must successfully complete 60 ECTS in the first two semesters.
  • Credits earned at the partner university are generally recognised toward the Master degree.