Present your originals to finalise your registration

When: 29 August - 22 September

Swiss regulations require each student to register, or enrol, through his/her institution of higher education in Switzerland.


Click here to book a registration appointment.

Until 8th September, only students in the intensive French courses and students registered in the Master in International Economics are invited to book an appointment; subsequently, bookings will be open to all new students.


Individual registration appointments take place on campus: Maison de la Paix, in front of the Student Reception, Petal 1.

What to bring?

All students
- Passport or identity card (with photo)

Master students
- Official final bachelor degree transcript
- Bachelor degree diploma

PhD students
- Official final master degree transcript
- Master degree diploma

If your official diploma is not printed yet
- An official letter from your university, stating the date on which it is expected and confirming your successful degree award

If you have outstanding admission conditions
- All the documents required to lift the conditions

If you were previously enrolled at a Swiss university
- Exmatriculation attestation

If you completed high school (secondary) schooling in Switzerland
- Your original Maturité (Matura) diploma

Certified translations
Required for all documents in a language other than English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or ancient Latin

Chinese and Russian students
- Official, original notarisation certificates


  • We cannot accept a transcript of grades in lieu of a university diploma, even if it states degree completion.
  • We will not keep your originals. You will only need to show them during your appointment.
  • Students who fail to complete their registration will not be able to join our study programmes.

The registration process allows us to:

  • See your original documents, in order to authenticate the transcripts and diploma of the degree on which we based our admission decision, per Swiss higher education regulations.
  • Ensure that you have a Swiss Higher Education Information System ID number ("SIUS" number).

    This in turn permits us to comply with the data transmission requirements of the Swiss Federal Office of Statistics. The SIUS number ensures that student data is processed anonymously.

    If you have ever enrolled at a Swiss institution of higher education before, you already have a SIUS number: please bring your exmatriculation certificate from the previous institution (except UNIGE).
  • Send accurate student records to the Swiss Federal Office of Social Security, to ensure that each student has a Swiss social security ("AVS") number.

    We need your date and place of birth and your parents' names for the Social Security Office to identify you

    If you live in Switzerland, you will need this number for various services, including medical insurance.

    Even if you do not plan to live in Switzerland, you must have a social security number - it's the law.