Exchange programmes

The Graduate Institute  has agreements with numerous universities around the world, so why not combine study and travel, discover a new culture, and establish a worldwide network of friends?

How does it work?

  • Students submit an internal application with one or two institutions of their choice.
  • An internal selection committee, comprised of the Direction of Studies and the Heads of Academic Departments and Interdisciplinary Programmes nominate the designated applicants.
  • There are generally two places per partner university.

Important notes

  • While our exchange agreements allow for the nomination of students between partner institutions, the final admission decision always remains with the host institution.
  • Each institution has its own language requirements and a variable number of courses taught through English. Students are advised to check this out carefully prior to applying.
  • Students participating in the exchange programme are not eligible for an Applied Research Seminar and will automatically be exempted from this requirement.
  • The number of credits transferred to the student’s study programme at the Graduate Institute, for the courses followed during the exchange semester, will be determined on an individual basis by the Direction of Studies. The credits awarded by the host institute, generally speaking, do not correspond to the number of credits awarded by the Institute.


Participation in the exchange programme is regulated by the Institute’s Academic Regulations and Implementation Guidelines (Masters and PhD).

Master Students

  • may only go on an exchange during their third semester
  • must have obtained a minimum of 60 credits prior to their departure

PhD Students

  • must have successfully defended their premlininary thesis dissertations (PTD) prior to departure


The deadline for the receipt of application is February 1st for the following academic year.

Follow our step by step Exchange Programme Application Guide.


The Institute does not provide any specific financial support to nominated exchange students.

Students receiving a scholarship will continue to do so during their time abroad. The awarding of scholarships is independent to participation in the exchange programme.

The Fondation Zdenek et Michaela Bakala Geneva ( exists to help talented and motivated students or researchers from certain Swiss universities to reach their full potential by giving them the financial support they need to pursue their studies at top US or UK universities (Yale, Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, etc., this enumeration not being exhaustive).

Particularities of the Fondation Zdenek et Michaela Bakala Geneva Scholarships programme:

  • for any academic field;
  • for a 6 months up to a 3-years stay;
  • for Master or PhD studies;
  • to cover tuition fees and/or living expenses;
  • annual budget for the foundation’s scholarships is approximately CHF 200’000.- which will be allocated for 5 to 10 scholarships per year. The distribution depends of the candidates’ needs and study plans.

Selection criteria:

  • academic excellence;
  • lack of financial means;
  • swiss residency (min. during the last 5 years);
  • student’s registration at the Graduate Institute (min. during the last 1 year);
  • admission or pre-admission to the foreign university (obtained at the latest by the time of the interview at the foundation).

Application procedure:

Students nominated to the exchange programme in american institutions will automatically be considered for this scholarship and will be contacted directly if any additional information is required.