Gender and Inclusion Workshop


This workshop provides training, reflection and practical skills for an inclusive teaching practice in higher education. The goal is to create a gender and diversity inclusive learning environment that allows every student to develop their full potential and is free of discrimination and stereotypes. The learning objectives of this one-day interactive workshop are:

  • to raise awareness among participants on gender, ethnic and cultural inequalities reproduced in teaching/learning situations in higher education;
  • to stimulate participants reflection on their own bias in this regard;
  • to develop participants knowledge and didactic skills in order to enable them to create an inclusive learning environment.

Outline of the Workshop:

Participants are expected to actively engage in activities and discussions throughout the workshop. As a participant you will:

  • develop your knowledge of different dimensions of social inequality in higher education;
  • reflect on situations of inequality in the classroom that you may have experienced or witnessed;
  • learn about the effects of stereotypes and bias in teaching/learning situations;
  • reflect on your practice as a teaching assistant;
  • use practical cases to develop tools and strategies for an inclusive learning environment.
  • 28 September 2018
  • 9:00 - 17:00: Room P3-506



AFGilbert.jpgDr. Anne-Françoise Gilbert is a freelance sociologist and gender expert. She holds a PhD in Sociology from Goethe University Frankfurt and a MA in Geography from the University of Zurich. Her main areas of expertise include gender in higher education with special focus on engineering education as well as gender inclusive teaching, learning and curriculum development.

Dr Gilbert was a research fellow at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies at the University of Bern where she completed a research on gender and disciplinary cultures in engineering education. She was in charge of designing and implementing a course on gender inclusive teaching and learning at the Centre for Faculty Development at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. There, she also led a project for the integration of gender in the evaluation of academic teaching and developed a bilingual Online-Tool for self-evaluation of teaching practice from a gender perspective. For the last ten years, Dr Gilbert has been providing courses in gender inclusive teaching at several Swiss universities and is active as a consultant on gender and STEM in educational institutions.

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