RESEARCHconnect – A Database of Funding Opportunities

RESEARCHconnect is a service providing information on thousands of funding opportunities dedicated to the international research community. Graduate Institute researchers, faculty and students are welcome to browse this continuously updated database. You will find here necessary information for logging in as well as a simple user guide.

The database cannot be accessed without an email address and a password. Please use the email address of the department or centre you are affiliated to. As for the password, you must request it from the administrative manager of your department or centre, whose name is given in this table:

Department   Administrative manager   Email address
Anthropology and Sociology of Development   Daniela Renggli
International Economy   Zoya Anastassova
International History   Valérie von Daeniken
International Law   Emma Cranfield Perin
International Relations / Political Science   Margaux Schaar
Master of International Affairs and Development Studies   Antonella Ghio
Centre   Administrative manager   Email address
Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy   Christine Lutringer
Centre for Finance and Development   Patricia Arnold
Centre for International Environmental Studies   Andhina Kusumawidjaja
Centre for Trade and Economic Integration   Theresa Carpenter
Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding   Sandra Reimann
Gender Centre   Emmanuelle Chauvet
Global Health Centre   Kristina Petrova
Global Governance Centre   Christine Collet-Mendy
Global Migration Centre   Elena Torres


Passwords are changed every semester, so you might at times have to ask your administrative manager for a new one.

After you have received your password and are ready to log in, this user guide will show you how to find, in a few simple steps, the funding sources that best suit your research needs.