Publishing Grants at the Graduate Institute: Conditions


The Institute has created a fund specifically designed to support the publication of PhD theses defended at the Institute. Here are the conditions and procedure for applying for a publication grant.


Two PhD holders can benefit yearly from CHF 2,500 each in order to publish their PhD results.


  • The publication project must be submitted to the Research Office (with copy of diploma, grades and jury’s evaluation, electronic copy of the thesis, and publisher’s agreement to publish as well as terms of this agreement).
  • Each year, a committee selects two proposals.
  • The grant is paid after confirmation that the thesis wil be published.


  • The thesis has been defended within six months prior to the submission of the proposal.
  • The thesis has been awarded summa cum laude (very good) or summa cum laude with congratulations (very good with honours).


  • The grant can be used either entirely to cover publication fees or partly to cover the author’s revisions under the supervision of the publisher.
  • The selection criteria will be the quality of the thesis, the justification for the subsidy and the relevance for the recipient’s academic career
  • The publisher can be established anywhere in the world. However, commercial publishers of poor reputation will not be taken into consideration.
  • The committee is composed of the Executive Director of the Research Office and two professors; when appropriate, one or more representatives of academic departments may be invited to complement the committee.
  • An exemption may be provided for a translation grant.
  • Manuscripts in English and in French are accepted.

Proposals can be sent throughout the year to Marc Galvin.