The publications of our faculty, researchers and graduates testify to the wealth of the research conducted at the Graduate Institute. We present here the booksbook chaptersjournal articles, theses, and working papers and reports issued during the past twelve months, considering that the complete production is available in the institutional repository. On this page you will find the recent theses.

Acquisition of Territory by Force in Contemporary International Law

Leila Urekenova. Jury: Marcelo Kohen, thesis director, Vincent Chetail and Yuval Shany. January 2018.

Altruism in International Law

Jason Rudall. Jury: Andrea Bianchi, thesis director, Andrew Clapham and Tom Ruys. January 2018.
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“Beyond the Compound”: The Making and Unmaking of Migrants’ Social World on South Africa’s Platinum Mines

Melusi Nkomo. Jury: Filipe Calvão and T. Dunbar Moodie, thesis codirectors, Rafael Sanchez and Bernard Dubbeld, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Stellenbosch University, South Africa. June 2018.

Bridging Divides: Experiences of Justiciability with Economic and Social Rights in South Africa, India, and the United States

Diya Uberoi. Jury: Zachary Douglas, thesis director, Gian Luca Burci and Gorik Ooms. July 2018.
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Cartels in Latin America: A Cross-border Competition Assessment

Pierre Martin Horna Chicchon. Jury: Damien Neven, president and internal reader; Joost Pauwelyn, thesis director; Ariel Ezrachi. February 2018.
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Collective Non-State Entities in International Law

Klara Polackova Van der Ploeg. Jury: Andrew Clapham, president and internal reader; Andrea Bianchi, thesis director; Jaye Ellis. August 2018.

The Complementarity Turn in International Criminal Justice: Assessing the Impact of International Criminal Tribunals on the Fight against Impunity

Patryk I. Labuda. Jury: Paola Gaeta, thesis director, Nico Krisch and William Schabas. June 2018.
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Constructing Victims in Uganda: Exploring Victimhood under the National Transitional Justice Policy

Carse Ramos. Jury: Isabelle Schulte-Tenckhoff, thesis director, Aidan Russell and Mark Antonin Drumbl. June 2018.

Created and Lost in Translation: The Corporate Management of Human Rights

Ioana Tuta. Jury: Andrew Clapham, president and internal reader; Liliana Andonova, thesis director; Florian Wettstein. February 2018.

Essays in Development Economics and Economics of Education

Laura Cyron. Jury: Martina Viarengo, thesis director, Jean-Louis Arcand and Béatrice d’Hombres, Joint Research Centre, European Commission, Italy. March 2018.
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Foreign State Immunity and Denial of Justice: Jurisdictional Rules, Rights and Conflict

Thiago Braz Jardim Oliveira. Jury: Marcelo Kohen, thesis director, Zachary Douglas and Robert Kolb. April 2018.

From Resistance to Revolution: Protest Dynamics in Authoritarian Regimes: Tunisia and Czechoslovakia in the Decade before the Revolution

Zuzana Hudáková. Jury: Stephanie Hofmann, thesis director, Thomas Biersteker and James Scott. March 2018.

Guarantees of Non-Repetition for Violation of Human Rights

Nita Shala. Jury: Paola Gaeta, thesis director, Vincent Chetail and Antonio Marchesi. June 2018.
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Investment as a Two-Way Street: How China Uses Inward and Outward Investment Policy for Structural Transformation, and How This Paradigm Can Be Useful for Other Emerging Countries

Matthew Hector Travis Millan Stephenson. Thomas Biersteker and Jean-Louis Arcand, thesis codirectors, Sungmin Rho and Karl Sauvant. February 2018.
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The Iranian Nuclear Program, US Policy, and the Nonproliferation Regime, 1974–1978

Farzan Sabet. Jury: Jussi Hanhimäki, thesis director, Thomas Biersteker and David Holloway. February 2018.

“The Land Is Sweet”: On the Politics of Giving and Keeping Land Rights in Afghanistan

Niklaus Miszak. Jury: Jean-Pierre Jacob, president and internal reader; Alessandro Monsutti, thesis director; Oliver RichmondPierre Centlivres. December 2017.

The Law of Force, the Force of Law: The Legality and Ontology of the Use of Force against Individuals in Armed Conflict and Occupation

Ka Lok Yip. Jury: Andrew Clapham and Thomas Biersteker, thesis codirectors, Andrea Bianchi and Dapo Akande. February 2018.
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Life, Love and Death in a Settler Colonial Order: Palestinians’ Lived Experiences

Rami F. I. Salameh. Jury: Riccardo Bocco, thesis director, Isabelle Schulte-Tenckhoff and Helga Tawil-Souri. April 2018.

The Principle of Coherence in International Law: A Study on Investment Arbitration

Charalampos Giannakopoulos. Jury: Zachary Douglas, thesis director, Thomas Schultz and George Letsas. December 2018.
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La protection des investissements en temps de conflits armés et de troubles internes: apports normatifs des régimes de droit international humanitaire, droit international des droits de l’homme et droit de la responsabilité internationale

Bienvenu Venceslas Ouedraogo. Jury: Vincent Chetail, directeur de thèse, Zachary Douglas et Eric De Brabandere. Janvier 2019.
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The Right to Family and Private Life as a Limitation to the Expulsion of Non-National under International Law

Tessema Simachew Belay. Jury: Andrew Clapham, president and internal reader; Vincent Chetail, thesis director; Kristina Touzenis. February 2018.

State Ownership in International Law

Mihaela Maria Barnes. Jury: Thomas Schultz, president and internal reader; Zachary Douglas, thesis director; Michael Waibel, University of Cambridge. October 2018.
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Sustainable Resource Valuation: A Political Economy Assessment of Energy Pricing Reform in the Context of Changing Social Contracts

Tom Moerenhout. Jury: James Hollway, president and internal reader; Cédric Dupont and Joost Pauwelyn, thesis codirectors; Bassam Fattouh, SOAS University of London. October 2018.
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Three Essays in Economic Inequality

Andrew Silva. Jury: Jean-Louis Arcand, thesis director, Nicolas Berman and Bruno Decreuse. April 2018.
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Three Essays in International Trade

Hyoungmin Han. Jury: Yi Huang, thesis director, Ugo Panizza and Marcelo Olarreaga. June 2018.

Towards a New Approach to Treaty Interpretation: Interaction of Theory and Practice

Katayoun Hosseinnejad. Jury: Zachary Douglas, thesis director, Thomas Schultz and George Letsas. March 2018.
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When the Conflict Ends, While Uncertainty Continues: Accounting for Missing Persons between War and Peace

Alessandra La Vaccara. Jury: Paola Gaeta, president and internal reader; Vincent Chetail, thesis director; Manfred Nowak. February 2018