2016 Global South Workshop, Beijing



Madalitso Phiri

University of South Africa, Pretoria
“This is an experience that any aspiring global scholar relishes to have.”


Jawaharlal Nehru University
“It transformed me intellectually. Now I feel much more empowered to understand and explore the developmental issues and concerns associated with the Global South”

Xu Qian

Chinese University of Hong Kong
“This workshop provides a golden opportunity and platform for Ph.D students from diverse majors to exchange ideas in order to enrich our own research.”

Carolyn Chisadza

University of Pretoria
“ For me the Ph.D. workshop defines what research is all about - the transfer of knowledge across different disciplines from people all over the globe.”

Matthew Stephenson

Graduate Institute of International and Developments Studies, Geneva
“As a young political economist from the U.S. working in Europe, it was highly enriching to hear the perspectives of scholars from China, from Zimbabwe, from Brazil and so on as they had different takes on structural transformation, power dynamics, social injustice, etc”

Meng Fang

Chinese University of Hong Kong
“The global south workshop has provided participants with different backgrounds a great opportunity to express our opinions about development issues from a wide range of perspectives, including social science, politics, economics and law.”

Thobekile Zikhali

University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
“Participating in the Global South PhD Workshop was a great learning experience where people from different backgrounds came together with one voice, that is, to see a better world than we inherited from previous generations and creating a much better future for the next generations.”

Susann Kassem

Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva
“I particularly enjoyed learning from the diverse student participants in Beijing, an important part of the world that I had not experienced before.”