The Centre’s ongoing projects focus on citizens' quest for social justice through democratic participation in a variety of institutional and social contexts, spanning the state, global governance and local authority.

They explore experiences with democratic institutions and practices in everyday life as well as under conditions of political turmoil in various societies.

Ongoing projects

  • Bringing the seed wars to the courtroom: Legal activism and the governance of plant genetic resources in Brazil and India - More info
  • Culture conflict - Research network - More info
  • Ethics and institutionalization of qualitative field research in development practice - More info
  • European Election Day Lab - More info
  • Governance through Disorder: Illiberalism and the politics of unpredictability - More info
  • Learning from Failure?: Democratic Deficits and the Politics of Contemporary Global Expertise - More info
  • Mapping spaces of local democracy in India: Practices of participation in the 2014-2034 Mumbai Development Plan - More info
  • The subnational politics of company-community relationships in the extractives sector - More info
  • Transparency: Qualities and Technologies of Global Gemstone Trading (in collaboration with the Graduate Institute Centre on Conflict, Development & Peacebuilding) - More info
  • Understanding radicalism: religious identity and politics of power within and across South Asian borders - More info