Executive Education at the GHC

Executive education in global health diplomacy aims to bring together diplomatic and health professionals to understand their common interests in health as a foreign policy issue.
The participants in global health diplomacy capacity building engage in a multidisciplinary learning process where they:
  • practice strategic thinking about the interface of global health and diplomacy
  • understand instruments and mechanisms for global health
  • learn about negotiating strategies from the multinational perspective;
  • enhance negotiation skills through role play
  • engage in cross-cutting themes in global health diplomacy.
The targeted audience includes decision makers and representatives from governments, international organisations, global health initiatives and other stakeholders in global governance for health, such as civil society, foundations, private sector, platforms and alliances.
The executive courses on global health diplomacy are usually implemented in form of a five-day course providing a basic introduction to GHD, its dynamics and major negotiations. The GHC also implements specialised courses offering more in-depth knowledge and learning opportunity on an identified topic. 
Current and past course participants can access course material here.