Research at the GHC


The research of the GHC is structured into several broader categories exploring:

  • The multiplication of actors on the global level and the new forms of governance for health emerging on the national, regional and global level. A key question in this regard has been how should different stakeholders be involved in the process of preparation and implementation?
  • Powershift between different countries and regions. Key questions in this respect have been: What is the global responsibility of the rising powers and emerging economies? What new issues of representation and legitimacy are emerging? How do national and international health policies interface – particularly with reference to global public goods? What new role do regional organisations and “clubs” play?
  • The role of WHO, within the broader question for the role of the UN system and its specialized health agency. How should the be reformed to respond to rising accountability standards? How do international organisations need to change to be relevant and effective?
  • Health and foreign policy: How can ethical, economic and political considerations be balanced as the basis of every health policy? Can the lessons learned from addressing infectious diseases be applied to the global burden of non-communicable diseases? What approaches have governments taken to increase coherence, transparency and accountability for health across different ministries?


Research Resources