Governance at the GHC


The Global Health Governance (GHG) pillar acts as an applied research centre by analysing the trends and innovations in global health governance challenges. It analyses the significant changes that the global health landscape has experienced in the last decade. The multiplication of actors, the reconfiguration of power between countries and regions, as well as the emergence of new governance models are among the GHG pillar's main areas of research.

Global Health Governance at the Global Health Centre also explores how globalisation, foreign affairs, security policy, human rights and investment strategies link to global health concerns. As a think tank, the GHC is at the forefront of these processes. It contributes to setting agendas in global health governance at global and regional levels through its events and publications. Research studies are geared towards policy and decision makers and contribute to a better understanding of complex global health issues. Applied research projects are accompanied by expert advice, keynote addresses and other inputs provided by the GHC's Director and internationally-renowned senior fellows.