Diplomacy at the GHC


The Global Health Diplomacy (GHD) pillar acts as a case study and training centre by providing a unique and pioneering approach to knowledge transfer involving leading academics and experienced practitioners. It strives to build the skills of policy and decision makers for negotiations at the international, regional and national level.

Global health diplomacy can achieve improved global health, build trust among stakeholders and strengthen commitments for global health. However, in line with the changes which have occurred in the global health landscape, negotiations have become increasingly complex. The participation of many different actors and agencies, and the new interface between domestic and foreign policy require new skills from diplomats and health officials. With extensive experience in tailored training to specific audiences and the support of an accomplished and diverse faculty, the Global Health Diplomacy pillar at the Global Health Centre trains more than 200 professionals each year.

The Global Health Centre is taking the lead in capacity building on global health diplomacy. By offering executive courses, developing training tools and preparing in-depth case studies, it builds the skills of policy and decision makers for negotiations in Geneva and worldwide. As such, the Global Health Centre prepares actors in global health to become effective global health diplomats at the national, regional and global levels.