Conférence publique

Jeudi 28 juin 2018, 12:15 - 14:00

Goal displacement: Migration policy-making in and about Afghanistan

Dr Liza Schuster, City, University of London

Haute école de travail social (HETS), rue Prévost-Martin 28 - room A006

Afghanistan is currently in the very early stages of preparing a comprehensive national migration policy. In spite of the significance of migration in Afghan cultural, economic, political and social life - this impulse comes, not from the Afghan government or civil society, but from Europe, specifically from European Union Member States such as Germany, who received many of the 250,000 Afghans who applied for asylum in Europe in 2015. Throughout much of 2016, the European Commission and the Afghan Government were negotiating an agreement that would force the Afghan government to reduce irregular migration and facilitate force returns. At the same time, the International Centre for Policy Development has been driving forward the development of a Comprehensive Migration Policy.

Speaker: Dr Liza Schuster, City, University of London Liza Schuster has recently returned from 18 months in Kabul, where she led a team of Afghan researchers examining migration decision and policy-making in a migration culture. Schuster has spent most of the past six years in Afghanistan researching the impact of forced return. More broadly her work over the past twenty years has focused on forced migration, asylum, refuge and the racism faced by forced migrants and driving policy. She is the author of the Use and Abuse of Political Asylum: A Comparison of Asylum Policy and Practice in Britain and German and numerous articles. She is the co-founder of the Afghanistan Migration Advice and Support Network. Schuster has been based at City, University of London where she teaches on migration and racism, since 2005.

Discussant/Chair: Professor Alessandro Monsutti, IHEID, Global Migration Centre and Professor Milena Chimienti (, HETS/HESSO Genève

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