Lundi 09 avril 2018

Closed workshop: Is Stabilisation a Panacea for Violent Conflicts?

Stabilisation is regaining currency as a policy paradigm, as present interventions for example in Iraq, Syria, and Mali show. Often, civil and military types of intervention run in parallel and can seek conflicting goals. Humanitarian motives, the intention to fight terrorism and the attempt to prevent refugees from fleeing to Europe may all aim for stabilization, but with different constituencies in mind.

This workshop, which is hosted by the Global Migration Centre and organized by the Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC), brings together academics and practitioners. We will discuss the concept and its operationalization as regards programmes for train and equip/Security Sector Reform, development and humanitarian aid in general, and forced displacement in particular.

This event is planned as a senior-level closed workshop.
If you have a thematic interest in attending, please feel welcome to contact:  esther.meininghaus@graduateinstitute.ch