The GMC conducts academic and policy-oriented research on the causes and consequences of migration. It also promotes projects that are jointly run with international organizations, NGOs, governments and other research institutions across the world. 

The GMC analyses global migration in a forward-looking perspective and aims at developing academic and policy-relevant knowledge to address the challenges posed by global migration in the 21st century.

Protecting Migrants in Vulnerable Situations


1PictureNR_2017-150-150.jpg (Refugee Border Escape Hands Fence Handshake...  

Among the millions of migrants worldwide, too many are forced to embark on a dangerous journey because of a combination of intertwined reasons. This project assess the scope and content of the principle of non-refoulement under international human rights law, focusing on the United Nations core human rights treaties.



International Migration Law Project


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The role of international law in the sensitive field of migration is complex, ambiguous and frequently neglected. This project aims to better understand the scope and content of international legal norms governing the movement of people.

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Private Sector and Migration


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Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), this project aims to assess the multi-faceted consequences of the growing privatisation of migration control under public international law.



National Borders and Social Boundaries in Europe: the Case of Friuli


5National Borders and Social Boundaries in Europe the Case of Friuli_150-150.jpg  

The dissolution of the Eastern bloc and the end of the Cold War have led to a rapid multiplication of international borders and the simultaneous (re)activation of old and new forms of circulation. As such, this project contributes to the general field of border studies by examining the changing nature of Italy's northeast borderland.



Migration and Health in the Global South


10Understanding the Nexus Migration and Health in the Global South 150-150.jpg  

The complex relationship between migration and health is still widely overlooked, and accordingly, there is a crucial need  to further probe into their multifaceted interactions from a systematic and holistic perspective. This research project aims to provide a policy framework in order to better understand the complex interactions between migration and health in the Global South.



Returning to a Better Place


7“Returning to a Better Place The (Re)assessment of the ‘Good Life’ in...  

What makes for a valuable and good life is a question that many people in the contemporary world ask themselves, yet it is one that social science research has seldom addressed. This project will provide the first empirically grounded study of the links between notions and experiences of crisis, return migration, and the (re)assessment of good living.



Migrants Rights Project


2Migrants Rights Project - RIGHTS_150-150.jpg  

Human rights apply to everyone irrespective of nationality. Yet, noncitizen and migrants remain structurally vulnerable to abuses. Against such background, this project questions this tension and the universality of human rights.

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Armed Conflict and Forced Migration Project


3Armed Conflict and Forced Migration 150-150.jpg  

The challenges faced by refugees fleeing from armed conflicts can only be understood holistically. Hence, this research sheds light on the multifaceted interactions between humanitarian law, refugee law, criminal law and human rights law.